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My first article : Good Samaritans Do Exist

This is my first article published in the supplement newspaper " younghans" of the daily newspaper , ThehansIndia.
It is based on the true incident that happened a year ago. I did not expect that they would publish it on the front page of their newspaper.  I sent the article on a fateful day and when I was going through the newspaper next day, Lo! behold! I saw my article on the front page. It was unforgettable day and experience for me. I was on cloud nine.
So, here it is........

Good Samaritans Do Exist

I was headed towards Nadergul on my Kinetic Honda, after college (I am a lecturer in a college). The construction work of our house is in progress at Nadergul. After giving necessary instructions to the Engineer there, I headed back to home. I had just come 2 km or so from Nadergul, suddenly my Kinetic stopped. I was surprised, for I had filled the petrol in the vehicle from petrol bunk prior to the visit to Nadergul. I was clueless. Many thoughts crossed my mind, did the distance use all the petrol or did the petrol spill leaving not even a single drop in the petrol tank. “What am I going to do now?” I thought. Mentally I was getting prepared to move the vehicle till I found a mechanic. I tried to kick start the Kinetic, it was in vain. I tried auto start, it did not help. The Kinetic did not move an inch. I dialed my hubby’s number to take advice in this regard. Before the call could connect, a person who was observing my struggle to start the vehicle from a distance, came to me and asked if I needed any help. Before I could answer, the person started his effort to start the vehicle, he checked the petrol tank, the petrol was sufficient. He started again, but the vehicle was acting like an adamant child not willing to give in. He then suspected that the battery of the Kinetic could be the problem. But the battery had been replaced a month ago(considerable amount was spent on its servicing). So, I said, “Battery is in good condition”. Then I remembered, once my hubby had told regarding the air block in petrol tank that causes vehicle to stop. I told the same to that person, he opened the lid of the tank, and tried to blow air into it. Few more kicks and the vehicle started. I thanked my stars and the “Good Samaritan” for his help. This incident happened almost 5 km from Badangpet where one could find a mechanic. The “Good Samaritan” followed my vehicle till Badangpet to make sure it did not break down midway. Then, at Badangpet , he said,”OK Madam, everything’s fine” and he zoomed his bike into oblivion.

Good people help us in different ways, I feel so fortunate to get the timely help. I am a strong believer in God. I strongly feel that God might have sent the “Good Samaritan” to help me. A big thank you to God and the “Good Samaritan”.